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Silica's PBS (Portable Batch System)

Torque v2.3.0 / Maui v3.2.6p19

The Torque resource manager together with Maui workload manager are used to manage the workload of jobs on Silica. All submitted jobs will be sorted automatically in the different queues based on the resources requested, and will be executed on the computing resources available.

PBSacct v1.4.2 (PBS accounting)

The pbsacct accounting software is used to process the PBS log file and output various useful summary reports on the usage of the computing resources.

Regarding Silica Head Node

When you log into the Silica system, your session is running on the silica's head node. You should only use the Head node for compiling your source program, then test the compiled program to make sure that it will run before submit it (as batch job using PBS script) to the Silica's PBS queueing system for execution on the actual compute nodes.

Since the head node is shared by all interactive logins to the Silica cluster, it must not be used for running any longer jobs (taking more than a minute). Running your long job on the head node is a violation of our policy and can result in termination of the job without notification.

How to run parallel / serial job on Silica

Click here for details.